What Our Parents Say

We chose TBT because of its warm and caring environment.  All of our children have gone there and had very positive experiences. We have made lifelong friends and we are blessed to be part of this community.

Nicole D.

We have had our daughter at TBT for the last 3 years and absolutely love it. The school truly is a community, and she feels such a sense of love and caring from the moment she arrives each day. The teachers are outstanding, and have transformed my shy little girl who was afraid to play on the playground, to a confident, outgoing, and happy 4 year old. I am amazed with how much she is learning and she come homes every day excited about what they did in class that day. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this school.

Jill M.

I can't say enough about our time at Temple Beth Tikvah ECEC. We've had 3 children here for the past 7 years. My children loved their time here and so have I. They were tremendously prepared for kindergarten and have succeeded academically and socially. I attribute much of that to the amazing teachers they had at TBT. We will truly miss Temple Beth Tikvah Early Childhood Education Center.

Gina K.

We have two children and a third on the way. Our oldest son started at TBT when he was 2 and I can't imagine having sent him anywhere else! The small class environment was crucial for him, having been so attached to his mommy and with some sensory issues that required patience and extra nurturing. The teachers worked with us and utilized his occupational therapist's recommendations. With love and hard work, our son over came his issues and is about to graduate kindergarten this year a very happy, reading and writing six year old. The TBT Pre-K program well prepared him for this. He made friends there that he still has and will for many years to come. Our daughter started at TBT when she was 18 months old. Excited to be in her big brother's school, she loved it from day one. She has some very strong friendships that haven given her a lot of social confidence. Her teachers have always praised her for her kindness and great sharing abilities, and now she is proud of these great qualities. She will be entering the Pre-K program next year! We can't wait for all that she will learn and experience there next year. We highly recommend the TBT preschool and look forward to sending our newest member there in the near future.

Rebecca H.

We have been a part of the Temple Beth Tikvah Early Childhood Center community since 2010. Our children eagerly run into school every morning and come home with smiling faces every afternoon. The warm, child-centered learning environment along with the focus on play, community and Jewish values at the ECEC has helped our children to blossom and grow!

Katie J.

Our daughter started at the school when she was 22 months old and I can't even imagine her going anywhere else. The teachers are wonderful and the classroom sizes are small.  It is a very inviting and comfortable place to be.  My daughter loves going every day and is always hugging the teachers when she arrives and talking about them at night.  We love it here.  I am sad we only have one more year left.

Cindy K.