The ECEC staff brings an average of 15 years of  preschool experience to the classroom.  We continue to learn and are involved in several national organizations, including: JECELI, JECELI Fellowship, The Matan Institute, Paradigm Project, URJ-ECE, and The Institute for Multi-Sensory Education, so that we are able to remain on top of best practices for preschoolers.  

ECEC Director

Jenifer Friedman

Jenifer is a native Atlantan and has been at the ECEC for 14 years, first as a teacher and currently as the Director.  She loves coming to work each day to see the children’s beautiful faces, and you will often find her playing and getting messy with them in a classroom.   Jenifer is involved in nationally recognized learning institutes, including, JECELI (Jewish Early Childhood Educators Leadership Institute), the MATAN Institute, advocating for children with Special Needs, and the Paradigm Project.  These groups enable continuous growth and development both personally and professionally.  When not focused on Early Childhood Education, Jenifer likes to spend time with her husband and two children. 

2 Years Old
Pita Pals

Ms. Linda and Ms. Sheri

Ms. Sheri and Ms. Linda are constantly having fun in the Pita Pals class and have a knack for making learning fun!  On any given day, you can hear the sounds of funny stories, screams of joy and wonder, and just plain laughter coming from their classroom.  Getting messy with cooking, science experiments, and art activities, it is never a dull day in their class.  Ms. Linda has taught at the ECEC for seven years and has many years of preschool teaching under her belt.  When not working, she likes to spend time with her husband and three children.  Ms. Sheri has been at the ECEC for ten years, bringing several years of teaching experience with her.  She loves to spend her time with her husband and two children.  Both Ms. Linda and Ms. Sheri are involved in the MATAN Institute,  

3 Years Old
Funny Falafels

Ms. Lisa 

Ms. Lisa has so much fun each day!  Her class is always busy playing and working on skills that are important to development.  Lots of giggles and laughter are often heard coming from the classroom each day!  Ms. Lisa has been teaching in the ECEC for six years, after many years in another preschool.  She creates amazing relationships with the children and truly enjoys her time with them.  Ms.Lisa and her husband are the parents to two grown daughters.  

Super Sucariot

Ms. Alicia and Ms. Rachel

There is always something fun going on in the Super Sabra class!  Ms. Alicia and Ms. Rachel love learning through play.  Children are  busy and having a ball each day while navigating through their Pre-K and Madrigot(Kindergarten Readiness) years.  Ms. Alicia has been teaching in the ECEC for six years. She loves being in the classroom and working with the children on the skills they need for Kindergarten.  Ms. Alicia serves on the Temple's Board of Education.  She loves to spend time with her husband and two sons.   Ms. Rachel is trained in the Orton-Gillingham multisensory approach and is always eager to learn and teach new things.  Ms. Rachel is very involved in Temple Beth Tikvah, both serving on our Board of Trustees and Board of Education.  She is also a teacher in our religious school.  When not at the Temple in one of her many roles, Ms. Rachel spends time with her husband and two children.

Ms. Robyn - Music

Ms. Robyn has been bringing her guitar and music to the ECEC for 11 years!  The children always love dancing, singing and moving to the groove of Ms. Robyn's class!   Whether they are dancing with scarves, banging on drums, shaking tambourines or learning a new song, the children are accomplishing so much.  Ms. Robyn enjoys spending her time playing music and being with her husband and two children.